Parking Garage

The parking garages that support the buildings are located on South Clark Street and 12th Street.  Tenants must have a parking card issued by PMI to access the garage.

Garage Management:

Parking Service Center (PSC)
Office: 2345 Crystal Drive, Suite 101
Office Phone: (703) 842-2971
Office Fax: (703) 414-0897
Hours of operations: Monday-Friday 6AM - 6PM

Visit the Center to:
- obtain monthly parking.
- set up parking validations accounts.
- have your Kastle fob programmed for garage access.

Note: The garage clearance is 6 feet.

Number of levels in the garage:  3 levels G1, G2 and G3.


Garage hours of operation:

Pay in lane with credit card 24 hours a day.

24 hour access with Monthly Parking Pass. Free if entering and exiting between 4pm and 6am.

Garage is open on weekends with free parking.

Parking Spaces

The number of parking spaces your organization has in the garage is based on the terms of your lease. Only monthly parking is available.


Monthly Rates

Monthly Parking Rate for an unreserved parking space is currently $175.00; a reserved parking space $350.00.

Payment can be made with a credit/debit card, Electronic Funds Transfer or with a check. PMI does have a website at which provides more information about how to set up a parking account.

Daily Rates are:

Up to 1 hour: $6.00
Up to 2 hours: $11.00
3 hours or more: $21.00    

Lost Parking Card

If you lose or damage your parking access card, please report it to the on-site PMI Office. There will be a $15.00 charge to replace a lost or damaged card.


After Hours Questions

If you have a question or concern after the PMI office closes, please contact Admiral Security at (703) 413-0150.


If you have been towed, please contact Al's Towing at (703) 790-1156. Al's Towing is located at 4000 5th Rd. N, Arlington, VA 22203